Asked Questions

Here you may find answers to the most common questions asked by our partners, both before enrolling in the Chiro Boost Program™, as well as questions that may arise after you have already started the program.

Will this program give me quality patients?

Indeed, you will receive qualified patients who can afford a premium for your services, the program targets high-income areas using demographic data to make sure that only qualified patients come to your practice.

How soon can I see the results?

Top practices that enrolled in our program took part in a 60-day transformation process where they achieved consistent and predictable growth. However, once your staff gets up to speed you may see the return on your investment much sooner.

I did online advertising once and it didn't work, why is this different?

Unfortunately, advertising without a proper strategy is a waste of time and money. However,  when a marketing strategy is properly executed it opens a door to growth that would otherwise be impossible to access.

In this program, you WILL have access to a successful marketing strategy and at the same time, we provide sales training for your staff, automation tools, communication channels, and much more!

That means we stay with you all the way through!

What if my staff is not great at signing patients to recurrent care?

That’s alright! Many chiropractic practices go through the same. As part of this program, your staff will receive proper training and support from our team of specialists on a weekly basis to get up-to-speed.

Give your team a better chance to succeed, it’s all about learning some guidelines, applying good techniques, and utilizing a couple of very useful tools.

Do I have to worry about handling marketing stuff?

No worries! We handle all the configuration, campaigns, design, publishing, and performance management.

This way you can focus on providing the best experience and care for your patients, and getting them into recurring care.

Is there anything I can do to ensure my success?

In our experience working with many chiropractors, providing the best patient experience possible has proven to be the best way to ensure success.

In other words, if the patient feels well-attended in every step of the process, from the moment we reach out to them until they get treated, then the success rate increments significantly.

I just started my practice, can I still enroll in this program?

Absolutely,  when you start a new practice the idea of not getting enough people through your door can become extremely overwhelming and stressful. Getting people to know you and show up to your practice is a top priority that this program addresses.

Is online marketing better than traditional marketing strategies?

Nowadays online marketing is considered more efficient and versatile. Basically due to the great number of time people invest in digital platforms and the fact that you can easily modify your targeting for people with specific interests and conditions at any moment.

A billboard or radio ad, for example, cannot be edited after it has been published, nor can you measure results with precision, limiting budget effectiveness and obstructing predictability.

Are you ready to grow your practice?